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About the Book

In a world that seems to be in disarray, this book is an absolute truth for those who would do anything possible to go back to the drawing board and fasten the broken pieces together. Beyond being a catalyst to unfold your true leadership potential, it is a timely solution to birth visionaries across the spheres of the home, workplace, and the nation at large. It is a compelling call to action to bridge the leadership deficit that has eaten deep into the roots of the society and become the total leadership guardian – a movement that would cause one of the greatest revolutions yet unseen. 

What's Inside

Understanding Leadership

Demystifying the sacredness of leadership

Family Leadership

Establishing the foundation for effective leadership in the home.

Workplace Leadership

Establishing the leaders code for transformational workplace leadership

National Leadership

Developing visionary, agile and disruptive leaders in nations

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This book is also available on these platforms


The Author

Kemi Ogunkoya, is a renowned Leadership Development Strategist, Author and Management Consultant. She has helped top executives and organisations nationally and internationally create transformational results, thereby equipping business with appropriate technology-driven leadership skills to effectively perform on their jobs and build sustainable businesses. She has conducted and facilitated over 200 high impact leadership development workshops across Africa, North America and Asia.

Kemi prides herself in the ability to help her coorprate clients enjoy seamless leadership transitions and eliminate leadership deficiencies which invariably minimize their costs and let them focus on growth. She is a Certified Management Consultant and a Masters Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner certified by the INLP Center in California, USA and she also holds an MBA in Management Consultancy from the University of Wales, Cardiff UK.